• We specialize in the Southern California region, covering major cities and surrounding areas. Our deep understanding of local markets enables us to provide tailored services in this specific region.

  • Our valuation process combines in-depth market analysis, review of financials, and consideration of location-specific factors to ensure a fair and competitive price for each property.

  • Our distinction lies in our specialized focus since 2007 on gas stations and convenience stores, advanced fuel management systems, and comprehensive financial analysis, ensuring expert guidance tailored to this niche market.

  • Yes, through our partnership with Dashing Loans, we offer streamlined financing solutions to support your purchase, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction process.

  • The time frame varies based on market conditions and property specifics, but we leverage our expertise and networks to expedite the process while ensuring optimal outcomes.

  • We provide continued support in transitioning the property, including operational consulting and introductions to key industry contacts.

  • To list your property, simply contact us for an initial consultation. We will then guide you through our personalized listing process, tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Absolutely, our services include fuel management consulting and strategic advice on operational improvements to enhance profitability.

Pezhman Dashti (Broker)

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